Sunday, 22 January 2012

Getting "Lucky"

So, we've acquired a canine companion. A furry, frenzied little beast weighing all of 2lbs.  His sweet, brindled fuzziness has been a wonderful addition to our household and we have both adjusted well to his arrival.  When I speak of us; I refer to my daughter and I. I have an eight year old child with long silky brown hair and large liquid brown eyes, rimmed with a thick set of black lashes. She is creative, articulate, loving and vibrant and has proven to be one of the greatest blessings of my life.

It's been just the two of us and now with our new mini-pal; which my daughter has christened "Lucky" ("Hazelnut" was a close second)..  that makes three!  I got Lucky on Friday the 13th and so far he has not displayed too many "Jason" like qualities (besides the enthusiastic chewing of his pet sock monkeys arms).

Historically speaking I've  never been a dog person . I grew up on a farm and our canine companions were as permanent as weather. We never grew very attached; as dogs had a very specific position on the superiority chain of living creatures. Humans being at the top and most animals all residing in the remote baseline. A pet could easily "disappear" if my father felt burdened by its bad behavior or its presence in general or it became a nuisance or a danger respectively, this included even the slightest hint of impending vet bills.  So, needless to say; compassion for animals is not generally affordable on a farm and subsequently was not cultivated as one of my defining characteristics. Except for cats, I have always loved cats with their playful coolness and independence but (for the most part) I've always been able to keep a very logical perspective on the placement of pets in the human world.  In fact I had a very difficult time understanding how people could become blathering idiots over their canines, gushing and fussing as thought they were human toddlers.

...Until I got Lucky.. I'm certain I repulse him with the constant smatterings of  kisses I bestow upon his tiny nose and I'm sure I am bound to annoy someone out there with my running dialog of "puppy dids"
I can now see how the love of a pet changes a person and suddenly pets are taking the lead in where things fit in my human world. As for the sleepy, over snuggled, Lucky pup; I'm certain he's still trying to figure where his lumbering, loud,  goofy humans fit into his world.

Oh I really, really, reaaallly hope he likes us!!!!!


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  1. That was exactly my experience with Lucy. Now, I can't imagine life without our furry dog daughter. (:

    p.s. Lucky is super duper cute!



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