Thursday, 16 February 2012

I am not as dumb as you think I look

What's your intelligence?  Have you ever thought about this?    I know anyone can take an IQ test and walk away with a number that defines how smart they are in a general sense but sometimes I am surprised to meet someone who has a hidden intellect and I am so pleased to see how very bright they can be, in their own way.
Personally, I feel true intelligence is immeasurable.

What about emotional intelligence, the ability to empathise with others, to give affection in a secure way, to receive love and feel deserving.  Some of us are so emotionally intelligent that we can feel when someone is upset, or insincere or angry without hearing a word from their mouths, we can give love without jealousy. Part of emotional intellect is to understand and identify our own feelings. Something they don't teach in school and I wish they would.  It would save many of us from our unhealthy defence mechanisms and passive aggression.

What about physical intelligence, how well do you know your body? Do you listen to what it tells you about how stressed you are, when your shoulders are burning and you head aches? Do you feel how needy and hungry and lonely you are? Hunger can be directly related to a type of  loneliness or emotional hurt; that we refuse to admit. When you have chronic pain it's frequently because your body needs to do more, not less. When you are physically intelligent you know what your body needs and when its telling you to slow down or speed up.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to look at ourselves and see how we have developed our own forms of intellect?  Maybe you haven't always been the most articulate of people but the thoughts in your head are so much more than you can comfortably express to anyone.  You have a shy intelligence that I'm certain anyone around you would be privileged to observe

Maybe your intelligence lies in something creative, in your visions, maybe your hands are smart in what they create and the intensity in which you perform your labours, are a direct reference to how very intense you are as a person.

Maybe you have spiritual intelligence, you are in touch with the universe, you're comfortable with creation and you  have a sound relationship with your God whatever it may be.

We can always wish to have more intelligence, to be brighter and better at something, but in doing this we are often being dumb.  I'm not denying the importance of acquiring knowledge. I'm saying there are forms of intellect which you may already posses and don't give credit to. Take a good look at yourself and see where you might be a brainiac in your own way.
You may have important attributes that you know you posses and are vitally important to who your are as an individual.
Now I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar (mmm....I  love cookies), but I would like to propose a better measure of the types of intelligence I think are important and the resulting score would become technically known as the  "awesomness" quotient


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