Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Boring old Saint Valentine Who ?????

There is an hour and 50 minutes left to Valentines day and I sit here imagining what others are doing at this very moment. Some sharing times with their sweethearts, snuggling up in bed, gently moving a strand of hair off the forehead of the one they love, before fastening a smooch onto them.  Some making the kids' lunches, getting ready to call it a day, others mindlessly shoveling an entire container of rocky road ice cream into their un-kissed mouths, wondering when it will be their turn to be a Valentine.  I can also imagine the vast variety of emotional responses going on regarding this day from apathy, to loneliness, to dissatisfaction and annoyance, to joy, warmth, love and gratitude.

What is it about this day that gets us going?  On second thought What is this day...period?

Historically, there is not much romance to Mr Saint Valentine.  According to Christian documentation there where two "Valentinus" who were martyrd. Neither of them had anything at all to do with romantic love.  No grandios act of romantic ideology, no throwing themselves at the feet of some pious Pope to save a romantic institution and certainly no secret delivering of cutesy notes between lovers.  However, every Saint gets his day and in 496AD,  Pope Gelasius established February 14th as Saint Valentines day!  February 14th would actually not be associated with romantic love until 886 years later; when Chaucer wrote about birds choosing their mates on Saint Valentines day and somehow it evolved from there..... ~duh obviously~......  630 years later this day no longer even exists on the General Roman Calendar of Saints at all!! 
This makes no difference to the general population anyway, as people of all or no religious denominations around the world open up their wallets to bestow gifts and greetings upon their loved ones.  I myself, felt slightly embittered after paying $7.00 for a card  for an 8 year old today.  Original Valentines were handwritten notes and poems..... now isn't that a novel idea??  A note that is actually written... by hand!!!.  Would anyone ever be satisfied with that gesture?.. not many.. if any.
One thing I hear a great deal of,  is how people shouldn't need a day to express their love.. and I agree, no they shouldn't but the vast majority of people do need a day, and a reason and what better day to do it than a day that is actually based on nothing that is any longer relevant to the average lovebug??   
All kidding aside; I do still get a kick out of this day, it does makes me feel warm and fuzzy that people are walking around with just a little more love to give than usual. I do wish everyday could be a Valentines day (minus the expansive retail black hole of overpriced paper, candies and trinkets for starry-eyed chumps like myself to get sucked into)

Now that this day is over what happens to all that extra loving??? Why not give a little love, especially if you are not getting any love. Because getting it and giving it are both unequivocally  part of the act of loving. 
Everyone knows that  we don't need a day for that...but it sure is fun to have one!


thanks wikipedia for the facts

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