Thursday, 31 May 2012

When reminders have to be tragic.

Life Is guaranteed to be both joyful and tragic. It's not unfair, it's just the way of existence and it has always been that way. This is how we are reminded not to take it for granted.
There are a million tragedies going on around the world at this very moment, playing themselves out in big or small ways in human lives across the globe.

But Nothing feels more astounding than an event that ripples through the lives of the people you know by name and face and heart. A loss, a terrible incident, a shift in what was thought to be their world.
At that moment your mind and soul goes to them and their loved ones hoping that whatever it is that you are sending can somehow reach them and help make it all be better.

If its happening to you and it's happening to your heart and all those thoughts and prayers are because something big is changing in your world; then it's the moment you are put to the test. You are called upon by the universe to step up, hold on to hope and be the bravest you can be while your heart takes a beating. You will surprise yourself at how unexpectedly you react and how intensely you can feel emotions.

I am always astounded to see how amazing people can be at these times. Terrifying events have the power to bring people together and remind us that even though we are separate, we can become a community again. In the face of adversity; hearts reach out. We are reminded of how fragile life can really be and how strong the human spirit is in comparison to the shell that holds us.
I love to see how brave people really are when they are put to the test. It gives me faith in humanity again; in a world that seems to be so incredibly confounding at times.

Don't forget that you are part of something big. Whether you are just an observer or you are chin deep in a struggle to stay strong. Life has a way of making us feel acutely aware of its significance. Even if it means you have to be a witness to how easily it can slip away.

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